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We have taken conveyancing services to the digital world: No paper, very little post and everything by email and phone. No need to take time off work for your conveyance. Sign your documents on the go using e-signing technology. No face to face physical meetings, just easy phone calls via phone, tablet or computer.


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My 3 Secret Property Lawyer
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Our all inclusive fixed fee conveyancing packages are comprehensive and are clearly explained giving you piece of mind. Have a unique situation? Feel free to email us at for a tailored quote.

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Have your purchase contract reviewed by a Conveyancing Lawyer and receive legal advice before you proceed to purchase. Perfect if you are about to bid at auction over the weekend!
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Our fixed fee conveyancing service is your straightforward solution to transparent and budget-friendly property transactions. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of hidden costs and hello to a clear, all-inclusive pricing structure.
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Trust us to handle your property transfer seamlessly and affordably, providing you with the confidence you deserve.  Services for Parent to Child, Divorce/Separation, Deceased Estates.


Introducing LEAD Conveyancing Geelong, your trusted partner in seamless property transactions with over 12 years of dedicated expertise in the Geelong and VIC real estate landscape. As Real Estate Services Lawyers, our team boasts a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in navigating the complexities of conveyancing, ensuring that your property journey is smooth and stress-free.

With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of Geelong's unique property market, LEAD Conveyancing Geelong stands as a beacon of reliability for individuals and property investors alike. And located in Suite 1, Ground Floor, 200 Malop Street, Geelong VIC 3220, we’re here to help.

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Our real estate lawyers have optimised the process to make it online and hassle free for you. Check out our reviews online for proof!

Conveyancing Solicitors in Geelong

We employ qualified Conveyancing Lawyers and Solicitors who hold the responsibility of realising a successful settlement.

Client-Centeric Approach

Your needs take precedence. We have a duty of care to look after your best interests, give you our full attention, and fostering loyalty.

VIC Quality Protocols

We have rigorous checklists and triple check systems to make sure your Victoria matter & transaction is a safe one.


Lead Legal Services Pty Ltd (Practice ID: 38778)
Lawyer Spotlight

Sherry Chen  (ZHELI CHEN)

Sherry is a multilingual conveyancing aficionado who has outstanding professional communication and negotiation skills in the context of a cross-culture environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Conveyancing refers to the legal procedure that facilitates the transition of property ownership from one individual or entity to another. This process can be executed through different avenues, including buying, selling, or transferring real estate between related parties with or without a formal agreement. Encompassing all necessary legal requirements and steps, conveyancing ensures a seamless and secure exchange of a Geelong property ownership.
Seeking legal counsel from a lawyer is highly recommended before signing a contract. A lawyer can provide valuable assistance by explaining the contract's terms and conditions, identifying potential issues or risks associated with the conveyance process, recommending any necessary amendments or additions to protect your interests, and offering guidance on initial steps to take before committing to the agreement. Their expertise in handling conveyancing in Geelong, Victoria ensures you fully understand the contract's implications and make well-informed decisions that prioritise your best interests
Here at LEAD Conveyancing, we offer the convenience of completing majority, if not all, of your conveyance paperwork online for selling or buying a property in Geelong, VIC, particularly when utilising electronic settlement platforms like PEXA for a seamless process.

It is strongly advised to undergo a building and pest inspection when purchasing a property with a structure in Geelong, Victoria. This thorough examination is conducted by a licensed professional, who will pinpoint potential costly repairs related to the property's construction, plumbing, electrical systems, and other vital components. Additionally, they will inspect for pests, such as termites, which can lead to significant property damage. By obtaining this inspection, you can make well-informed decisions about the purchase or negotiate with the seller to resolve any issues before settlement. Adopting a proactive approach in property inspections helps prevent any unforeseen issues in the future.

To ensure a smooth property purchasing process in Geelong, it is advisable to initiate your finance application as soon as you begin seriously considering a property. This allows ample time to gather essential documents and information for the lender, compare loan options and interest rates, and adhere to any specific timeframes lenders may have for pre-approvals. Communicating with your chosen lender about their application process and timeline is crucial. By doing so, you'll be well-prepared to make a swift and confident offer on your desired property.

Your solicitors will handle the settlement on your behalf, so you will not need to attend. To ensure a smooth process, please complete and submit necessary documents to your lender and conveyancer well in advance, ideally at least 14 days before settlement. This allows sufficient time for professionals to review and act upon the provided documents.

Electronic settlements enhance conveyancing efficiency through specialised softwares adhering to the Electronic Conveyancing National Law. There are two software systems currently available - PEXA and Sympli – and these both aim for nationwide uniformity and shorter turnaround times. These platforms enable simultaneous transfer of funds and registration of documents, eradicating risks from the previous time lag between settlement and document registration in paper-based transactions.

This process means fewer physical documents, reducing administrative work and accelerating document delivery. Parties now exchange documents electronically and use digital signing software for signatures. Digital ID software with enhanced security measures helps verify identities, combating identity fraud and cybercrimes.

The traditional paper settlement, which has become increasingly rare, requires the submission of tangible transfer documents at a designated physical venue, where representatives of involved parties attend to conduct in-person verifications of presented documents. In a standard conventional settlement:

  • The outgoing lender presents the Discharge of Mortgage in exchange for the payout amount in bank cheques.
  • The seller's representative (conveyancer or lawyer) brings the signed and dated Transfer document in exchange for the remaining settlement funds.
  • The incoming lender provides the loan proceeds and any additional funds from the buyer's shortfall account in bank cheques, receiving original Transfer and Discharge of Mortgage documents as needed.
  • The incoming buyer’s representative attends to verify all documentation and bank cheques exchanged physically, safeguarding the buyer’s interests.
Essentially, satisfying a condition signifies that the parties have completed their responsibilities under that condition. This also means that the involved parties relinquish any rights related to that specific condition and the contract can now proceed without any further conditions being necessary.
Performing a pre-settlement inspection prior to purchasing a property is highly recommended – even for vacant lands. This step is essential because if the property's condition has changed or deteriorated since the initial evaluation, you will be obligated to accept it in its current state at the time of settlement. Settlement legally binds you to the property ownership, so it is crucial to conduct all necessary investigations before finalising the deal. By doing so, you can identify and address any unforeseen changes or damages before becoming responsible for them upon settlement.

Our invoices shows our fixed legal fees and an estimation of necessary search expenses as reflected in our initial quote. While our quote covers our fees and expected charges, it doesn’t include costs paid directly to other parties involved in your conveyance. Expect additional expenses for:

  • Identity Verification
  • Stamp Duty (for purchasers)
  • Titles registry fees
  • Settlement agent costs if a paper settlement is required
  • Additional legal fees for specific situations involving your file, like extending deadlines, terminating the file, or amendments to the contract.

Please refer to our client costs agreement for further information regarding these additional fees or speak with your paralegal to discuss.

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, your paralegal or lawyer will always order a Title search. A plan image search is also vital for buyers as it helps confirm that the property’s location aligns with your inspections. Furthermore, purchasers are required to complete specific searches, including council rates, water rates, land tax, and owners corporation searches(as applicable). These searches are essential for calculating adjustments during the settlement process. If you do not order these searches, you may end up covering the seller's portion of these costs after the settlement.

The Vendor's Statement – also known as the Section 32, is an essential part of a Contract of Sale in Victoria, Australia. This document serves as a disclosure statement provided by the seller (vendor) to the buyer, containing vital information about the property being sold. This document includes details about the property, such as zoning, any legal proceedings, building permits, outstandings taxes, and any known issues with the property. It also provides copies of relevant certificates, like the title search, building permits, and any other relevant information that may impact the buyer's decision to purchase the property.

This document is crucial for the buyer to make an informed decision about the property and to ensure a fair and transparent transaction. It is a legal requirement under the Victorian legislation, and failure to provide a complete and accurate Section 32 document can result in legal consequences for the seller.

A buyer's caveat is a safeguard you can place on a property title during a contract. It prevents the seller and others from acting without your approval, ensuring your interests are protected. This precaution is highly advised for risk management.

Title insurance serves as a shield against unforeseen complications that might surface after settlement. Searches and extensive investigations may expose some issues, but they may not uncover all potential risks. Title insurance offers a more economical approach to prevent any uncalled-for costs that may emerge in the future.

Typically, LEAD Conveyancing issues two invoices – the first one is issued when your matter is created and usually due within 7 days from the date you received it and the final invoice that we collect as part of settlement. Additional invoices can be created if you require a contract review or if you need a deed to be drafted. These invoices are usually due as soon as these additional services are requested.
The term "unconditional" signifies that your contract is now free from financial, building and pest inspections, or any other "subject to the buyer's satisfaction" conditions which would allow the purchaser to walk away from the contract and recover their deposit. This results in a non-contingent, definitive, and binding agreement.
Settlement adjustments are made to accommodate various property-related expenses occurring between the buyer and seller during the transition phase, such as council rates, water usage, body corporate fees, and additional costs that may emerge during this period. Price reductions, bank cheque fees, and other applicable fees are also incorporated into these adjustments, ensuring both parties contribute fairly at the settlement.

To guarantee a seamless experience for first-time home buyers, kindly consider the following points:

Seek guidance from your finance broker or your solicitor to identify any suitable "First Home Owner" grants and concessions available for you.

Before making an offer, secure a property valuation from the real estate agent. This crucial step ensures you understand the home's true worth and negotiate with confidence.

Consider obtaining 'pre-approval' for your finance. This process helps determine your likelihood of acquiring the necessary funds to buy the property.

After choosing a property, schedule a Contract Review appointment with our lawyers. They will guide you on the essential terms to include in the contract and help safeguard your rights effectively.

Yes, you can purchase a property in Geelong, or anywhere in Australia, even if you are living overseas. You may need to pay Foreign Acquirer Duty alongside the Stamp Duty which is calculated at 8% based on the higher value between the market value and the purchase price, specifically for the portion of the property owned by foreign individuals. This duty is in addition to your responsibilities under the Foreign Investment Review Board for acquiring property in Australia. To obtain more information about the estimated transfer duty for your specific transaction, kindly visit the provided Victorian government website:

Although self-managing your conveyancing might be technically feasible, it is not recommended. The legal landscape is continuously changing, and your contractual duties and obligations may fluctuate. To minimise stress and guarantee your protection, it is wiser to seek a lawyer's assistance throughout the process. This way, you can avoid potential risks arising from your uncertainty about the conveyance details.

Victoria's standard sales contract, issued by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria and the Law Institute of Victoria, mandates engaging professionals that use electronic settlement platforms to complete settlements. It has become a standard method to hire professionals and skipping the DIY hassle to ensure a smooth, secure transaction to what could possibly be your biggest investment ever.

The cooling-off period grants purchasers the flexibility to terminate the contract for any reason within 3 business days after signing. This aims to avoid hasty decisions that could lead to buyer's remorse due to financial burdens or unsuitable properties. Nonetheless, if a buyer withdraws during this period, the seller is entitled to receive 0.2% of the purchase price as compensation for any incurred inconvenience.

Transfer duty – also known as Stamp Duty is a tax levied by the State Revenue Office on all property purchases in Victoria. Transfer duty rates may change based on the property's purchase price and the purpose of your acquisition.

Titles Registry Lodgement Fee is charged by the Titles Registry Office to process the transition of property ownership to the buyer. These fees will vary depending on the purchase price of the property and is to be paid by the buyer at settlement.


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"We've found LEAD Conveyancing to be a very reliable point of contact during our purchasing process and Sherry was very professional and dependable solicitor. The service was very honest, straightforward, and made the entire process much easier.

Would very highly recommend LEAD Conveyancing."

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Finding the right Geelong Conveyancers in VIC can be a real challenge. Most people request 2 or 3 quotes from different companies and just compare them. In most cases, the deciding factor is the price. But what if you don't want to go for the cheapest and you would like to make an educated decision based on more than just the price? How do you find the perfect solicitor?

We have put up a list of things you should look for or should be asking from a legal lawyer services company. At the same time, it'll tell you what you should beware of.

  • Fixed price - fixed price means fixed professional Lawyers fee. Searches are a separate cost and are always an estimated price. You shouldn't be quoted with a fixed total price.
  • Transparent costs - search costs should be outlined including what they're for and how much for each. Lawyers Contract reviews can sometimes be inclusive in the professional fee but can also be a separate cost. Don't fall for “FREE” contract reviews. There's no such thing as free.
  • Lawyers - choose a solicitor rather than just a conveyancer lawyer - lawyers to be exact. Going for a cheap conveyancers for a couple of hundred bucks difference won't give you that peace of mind and security. You might end up spending more than you should have in the first place.

At LEAD, you place a check on all of the above. We are a team of lawyers with years of experience in this business. We have been known for achieving the right balance in price and quality of work and service! So contact us now for your Geelong conveyancing.

Our Services

Selling Property Services

Your offer gets accepted and you get a copy of the Contract of Sale and Section 32. What's next?

Geelong Conveyancing Property Lawyers Services VIC Conveyancers Geelong Conveyancer

You need to have those documents reviewed before signing them. The S32 is a vendor's declaration about the dwelling whereas the contract stipulates the agreement and conditions between you and the seller. Since these documents are from the opposite side, you have to have your lawyer go through each and every detail. It is the duty of your solicitor to check for risks for every condition stated. Once you get the go signal, you're ready to sign.

If there's anything the lawyer finds risky on your part, you can request him or her to amend the contract and again, a solicitor is qualified to provide the proper wording. Re-negotiation then happens. Once the contract is fully signed by both parties, the next steps include us ordering searches which are basically doing our own background check. This may involve another discovery on the history and if you have a good lawyer, they will be able to find out anything wrongly declared or undeclared by the vendor. This is another reason why going with a solicitor may be the wisest decision you'll ever make in buying.

Should there be any delays while going through the whole process, it is still your lawyer's job to chase the other side and demand penalties. It's practically all-around protection and legal representation.

How we provide Cheap Conveyancing

Getting a quality lawyer is no longer an expensive choice. You just have to find the right firm.

At LEAD Geelong Conveyancers, we have found the secret formula to answering every client's needs. We provide top-notch highly-experienced lawyering service at a very competitive price. How? Simplicity and adaptivity to change are key.

Geelong Conveyancing Services

Some people are still close-minded when it comes to getting bay city conveyancing services. They still want the old traditional local solicitor or conveyancer where they can drop by their office, sit down and have a discussion with them, bring their huge pile of paper documents, Section 32, etc.'s the 21st century!

By riding the waves of technology, e.g. making use of electronic documents and signature, smartphones, emails, and messaging apps, we were able to reduce almost 50% of our operational costs! Our process also became more efficient and productive, hence, we were able to bring down our costs at almost the cheapest you can ever find!

Why do you need Solicitors?

Buying Property Services

Need buying property services? Since almost every person today owns a smartphone, I'm pretty sure you probably have owned or planned to own the latest and “top of the line” model of Apple iPhones. For most people, this is probably the best user-friendly, “not for the techy” type of mobile phone. It can also be considered as a status symbol because its price is really way up there. After buying one from your long time-saved, hard-earned money, what do you want to do next? Of course, you want to get the most dependable brand of phone case that offers the best protection! Even if this is more expensive than the ordinary smartphone cases out there, you know the value it offers and what you get out of it.

This is the same as getting lawyers for your service. Imagine that your latest “top of the line” iPhone model is the house you're buying. You are going to put all of your long-time saved, hard-earned money into this. Would you cheap out on your service when you clearly know what a lawyers solicitor can do and what a conveyancer can't? Remember...this process is transferring the title from the old owner's name to your name. This is the final step!

About Geelong City

A port city situated on Corio Bay City and the Barwon River in Victoria. This city is 75 kilometres south-west of Melbourne, which is the capital of the state. It is Australia's 2nd fastest growing city and is also the second-largest city in Victoria having a population of around 268,277 as of the month of June 2018. Due to its strategic central location that surrounds regional centres in Victoria such as Ballarat in the north-west, Santina, Colac, Barwon, Hamilton and Chelsea to the west, Torquay, Great Ocean Road and Warrnambool in the southwest, and the state capital of Melbourne in the northeast, it is also known as the “Gateway City”. During the gold rush, it experienced a short boom as the main port to the Ballarat district's rich goldfields. Afterwards, the city diversified into manufacturing and in the 1960s became one of the biggest manufacturing centres in Australia with its ropeworks, wool mills, and paper mills.

Today, the city is known as a rising education, health, and advanced manufacturing hub. The city's economy is shifting swiftly and despite going through the drawbacks of losing a lot of its heavy manufacturing, it is witnessing much growth in other sectors, placing itself as one of the outstanding non-capital cities of Australia. It is home to the second oldest football club in the Australian Football League, the Football Club.

While it has stable weathers, it still offers 4 distinct seasons. It has a temperate marine climate with variable clouds, dominant westerly winds, warm summers, moderate precipitation, and mild to cool winters. July is the coldest and February is the hottest. The hottest temperature ever recorded was 47.4 degrees Celsius on the 7th of February 2009 which happened on a two-week-long heatwave, with -4.4 degrees Celsius as the lowest temperature recorded on the 5th of August 1997. It is one of the driest city in Australia with an average annual rainfall of 520 mm, owing to the notable rain shadow of the southwest Otway Ranges & Barwon. Rainfall shows a steep incline from south to north within the city so that the southernmost suburbs can experience around 700 mm whilst the more northerly Lara experiences as little as 425 mm, which is the littlest rainfall in the south of Victoria. You can find out more services here.


The city is one of the fastest-growing regional cities in Australia and offers attractive lifestyle options just an hour from the state capital, Melbourne. The suburbs around it provide excellent options and great value for money for home buyers and investors alike. Having significant economic-development projects in place and planned for the future, together with outstanding transport connections to Melbourne, the Greater region is arguably one of the fastest developing regional cities in Victoria.

With busy retail and food scene, job opportunities in new and growing industries, art and culture, excellent schools both in private and public, medical facilities and hospitals, close proximity to the beautiful beaches at Great Ocean Road, and definitely less traffic than Melbourne, it has a growing city foreshore precinct that is starting to thrive. Whether you are interested in a change of scenery or just want to take advantage of one of the best performing regional areas of Australia, it is definitely a must-see.

Buyers Services

Here are some reasons why it is an outstanding for property buyers:

  • It's the gateway to the famous coastline of south-west Victoria via the Great Ocean Road which attracts millions of tourists every year.
  • With the travel time to central Melbourne being comparable to a number of the city's outer suburbs, it has been a viable option for many. And with predictions that more and more Melbourne workers will continue to work from home either full-time or part-time, it offers commuters a chance to enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • It has significant development potential having noticeable growth in different sectors including technology, government, health and medical care, manufacturing, education, services, lawyers, and creative industries
  • The whole region is famous for its more relaxed lifestyle with great schools (both private and public) and amenities.
  • Its distinctive position of offering a broad range of infrastructure assets not usually found in a regional centre such as rail, road, sea, and air will continue to build its appeal to different business sectors.

Geelong Conveyancing Selling

Investors will be interested in investing in Geelong. Houses here rent out for 440 dollars per week with a rental yield of 2.5 per cent every year. Units, on the other hand, rent for 400 dollars per week with a rental yield of 3.1 per cent. Geelong has witnessed a compound growth rate of 7.7 per cent for units and 9.5 per cent for houses, based on five years of sales.


Need selling property services? Here are some reasons buyers will be interested:

  • In 2022, will be the new home of the Spirit of Tasmania
  • Increased competition for properties is influencing prices to increase rapidly.
  • More and more and Melbourne city residents are noticeably moving to this city due to the value for money and significant lifestyle benefits, prompting population to rise substantially
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